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Email Statement Delivery

Get your statements via email and the benefits are obvious:

  • Speed.
    • You get your statement on the day it’s available, not several days later.
  • Ease.
    • You will review your statement in ‘portable document format'(.pdf), which is easy to open on any computer.
  • Convenience.
    • You can download and save, print and access your statements anytime you wish.
  • Security.
    • Your statement is delivered via a browser-based eMessaging product that protects message content throughout the entire delivery process.

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Centervoice telephone banking 1-866-753-8202
Report lost or stolen debit card 1-844-202-5333

Our Lending Staff

Contact Jana Emmons in Canton
for Mortgage loans
Contact Ryan Baker in Lewistown
for Ag/Commercial/Consumer loans
Contact Trevor Hiel in Washington
for Commercial Loans
Contact Kevin Rhodes in Canton
for Consumer/Commercial Loans
Contact Steve Adams in Lewistown
for Ag/Commercial Loans
Contact Veronica Harkless in Washington
for Mortgage and Consumer Loans

Federal law requires that all residential mortgage lenders register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) and obtain a unique identifier. The following are the names of the bank’s residential lenders and their identifier. You can go to the website of the National Mortgage Licensing System for additional information.



Jana Emmons #839955
Veronica Harkless #1469226
Kevin Rhodes #440259 

Our Officers

Joe Dietz- Chairman and CEO
Lewis Pigg-President/COO
Marilyn Barker-EVP
Ryan Baker-EVP/CFO
Trevor Hiel-EVP/Sr. Commercial Lending Officer
Steve Adams-Senior Vice President
Kara Johnson-Senior Vice President
Jana Emmons-Vice President
Kevin Rhodes-Vice President
Bianca Miller-AVP/Trust Officer
Ketra Branson-Cashier/Board Secretary
Carrie Peters-Business Development Officer

Our Mission

We will provide banking services to our customers with the highest level of personal service, integrity, and professionalism. We will work as a team to make Ipava State Bank the community’s premier, trusted financial institution. We will judge our success by our customers’ satisfaction with our services. Our never-ending goal is to remain a locally owned and operated bank.

Our Objectives

Our Objectives are to:

  • Meet or Exceed our Customers’ Expectations
    • Our Customers’ Expectations are extremely important to all of us. Meeting and Exceeding those expectations is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!
  • Be Perceived as the best community bank in terms of service and professionalism
    • We want to be known as the best at what we do, where we can all be proud of the services we provide for our customers!